1. mounir

    thank you this was helpful am buying also some of this heatsinks 🙂


  2. Hi I think I’m having the same problem with my card which is exactly the same. I was going crazy not realizing the cause because sometimes everything was fine but as you said after some time some artifacts (minor but noticeable) would appear or glitches. Playing with voltage didn’t help and lowering to stock clocks didn’t *always* help either. But now it makes perfect sense that it was the memory overheating, because I don’t have a read on it I assumed everything was fine as my core is always cool. I’ve done some experimenting and I’v epretty much confirmed after half an hour or so of playing with memory OC I get glitches. The reason I was so confused about it and not realizing is because even after lowering the clock speeds the memory still needed to cool down thus I was still artifacting, only much less (so I thought the card itself was damaged). Anyway playing with only core and not oc’ing memory works perfect.

    So I am totally going to listen to your advice. Thank you so much for this information I was really lucky to stumble upon it! The one’s you recommended buying, the cooper ones, would they fit? Do I need to buy thermal paste in addition? Could you recommend one if so?


    • Hi Nitai,

      Yes, the copper heatsinks that I linked will definitely fit. You don’t need to buy thermal paste as they have thermal tape already on the heatsink base, so you’ll just peel off the backing and stick them to the RAM chips on the GPU.


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