Android X86 – No Mouse Cursor in Oracle VirtualBox

Having the Android OS accessible through a virtual machine (VM) is super-handy.  My reason for setting up an Android VM is that it’s a relatively easy way to get the Google Authenticator running on a desktop device, rather than my phone.

One snag I ran into after getting the Android OS installed on the VM is that I wasn’t able to use the mouse as a pointing device, but the keyboard was still useable.  The fix for this is easy, but can be overlooked:

1.) Make sure the VM is not running (powered off)
2.) Click on the VM name in the list (e.g., Android X86)
3.) Click Settings
4.) Click on the System category
5.) Make sure you’re on the Motherboard tab
5.) Change Pointing Device to PS/2 Mouse

Settings Window

Now you should be all set! If you run into troubles you can always Read more on

13 thoughts on “Android X86 – No Mouse Cursor in Oracle VirtualBox”

  1. Thank you, worked like a charm – defaults to “USB Tablet.” Also, dont’ forget that pressing the right ctrl key releases the mouse back to the host OS!

  2. Hello,

    Was happy to find your guide above. It definitely makes using Androidx86 a better experience. Thank you!

    One issue I have encountered is that after releasing the control back to OS and coming back to the VM, the cursor disappears. Only way I found to solve this is to reboot the VM.


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