Rise of the Witch King Options.ini Creator Tool

About every three months some friends and I have a LAN party and one of the games that’s always fun to play is Battle for Middle Earth II: Rise of the Witch King (long enough title?).

Unfortunately, it’s one of those games that we only play at a LAN so once everyone goes home it usually gets uninstalled to make room for other games.  One of the common problems is that when the game gets installed it fails to create a necessary Options.ini file in the user’s profile directory, even for legitimate copies of the game.  If you try to run the game and this file doesn’t exist, the game just hangs at the splash screen until you end the task.  To solve this problem, I made a batch file that generates this Options.ini file with a few options:

– Creates the necessary folder in the user profile directory if it doesn’t already exist
– Sets the in-game IP address to the machine’s local IP
– Changes all in-game graphics and audio quality to Ultra High (if available)
– Sets the in-game resolution to that of the primary display (useful for widescreen resolutions)
– Queries the registry for the game’s installation folder and if found, disables intro videos
– Creates a backup of the current Options.ini file if it already exists

I’ve only tested the batch file on Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8/8.1 x64 so if you run into any snags, let me know and I’ll try to update the batch file.

Another thing I’ve noticed is if you have Hamachi installed the game will not see LAN games, even if you disable the Hamachi network adapter and have the in-game IP set to your network adapter’s LAN IP, so you must completely uninstall Hamachi for LAN games to work.  I recommend ditching Hamachi altogether and using Tunngle instead.

Link for options creator tool

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