So you want to stop receiving mail from Dish Network?

Occasional junk mail can be a minor annoyance, but when you receive 1-2 letters a week from a service provider, it’s ridiculous and wasteful. This was my case with Dish Network.  I previously had – and canceled – their service at an old address, but the disease that is Dish promotional mail followed me to … Read more

No accepted shares with your Gridseed 5 chip ASIC miner?

Are you the proud owner of one of these little Gridseed 5-chip ASIC miners?  They sure are neat and seem fairly efficient, but you might’ve run into a problem where it looks like they’re getting work but shares are not getting accepted.  One thing to keep in mind is that even though you might have … Read more

Idiot’s Guide to a Raspberry Pi Garage Door Opener

Update 4/22/15: It has become apparent that WebIOPi is not yet compatible with the Raspberry Pi v2.  If you are following this tutorial, you must be using the first-generation Pi.  The link below for the B+ model is still valid, and this model will still work for this project. Updated 11/17/2014: I’ve updated the Amazon … Read more

Samsung 225BW LCD & Windows 7 & Windows 8 – How to get 75Hz refresh rate at 1680×1050

UPDATE: There’s a much easier method to accomplish this, and the method works for virtually any monitor. – Download the Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) from this thread. – Once downloaded, run the application CRU.exe – Underneath the ‘Detailed resolutions’ header, click the ‘Add…’ button – For the ‘Timing’ drop-down box, I selected ‘Automatic – LCD … Read more